The Misunderstood Face of Giftedness

Here is a link to an excellent blog posting on The Misunderstood Face of Giftedness. Very well expressed.

If you’re having difficulty conveying the reality of your gifted child’s more challenging experiences and behaviours in school to his/her educators, I encourage you to send this link to them.

One among many astute observations:

“Normal giftedness can be easily confused with a diagnosable mental disorder. Gifted kids may talk a lot, have high levels of energy, and be impulsive or inattentive or distractible in some settings — similar to symptoms of ADHD. It’s not unusual for gifted kids to struggle socially, have meltdowns over minor issues, or have unusual all-consuming interests — all pointing to an inappropriate diagnosis of autism.”

If we as a society are to properly value and nurture the current and future generations of gifted students, it would seem prudent to begin with appropriate recognition and educational differentiation, yes? Or, at the very least, to teach educators not to immediately leap to pathology alone when they encounter a clearly bright child with ‘other’ issues in the classroom.

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