Announcement! Educational consultancy for gifted, talented, bright and creative students!

Hi, everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce I’m operating an educational consultancy to help meet the needs of gifted, talented, bright, and creative students of all ages. Please come visit us here and sign up to our free newsletter!

Illuma Education Group offers the following services to schools, parents, and families (including homeschooling families) in Canada and the United States:

  1. Consulting services and seminars, and webinars for schools on a wide variety of topics related to gifted and talented education, including: Degrees of giftedness; acceleration, compacting, and cluster grouping; engaging bright and creative learners who may not qualify for an IEP; managing gifted overexcitabilities, intensity, and asynchrony in the classroom; working with twice-exceptional gifted students; multisensory learning in the classroom
  2. Consulting services, seminars, and webinars for parents on topics related to parenting and educating gifted, talented, bright, and/or creative students
  3. Curriculum evaluation and custom curriculum design to meet the needs of these students in school or homeschool settings
  4. Assistance with IEP development
  5. Parent advocacy services to guide parents in the most effective ways to work with the school to help meet their children’s special learning needs
  6. Consulting with parents and young adults to help guide the university decision, admissions, and preparation process
  7. Consulting with gifted, talented, bright, and/or creative adults seeking a career or educational path change, or who want to develop a talent to its fullest with coaching
  8. Consulting with gifted, talented, bright and/or creative seniors who want to make the most of their talent and intellect in retirement

The GiftedInCanada blog will continue as well, and I’m still looking for guest bloggers with interest/expertise in all things gifted in Canada. If interested, please comment, and I’ll e-mail you as soon as I can!


Andrea, GiftedInCanada Webmaster

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