Gifted & talented acronyms

Some acronyms you’ll see on this blog 

IQ levels and giftedness:


  • Gifted or moderately gifted (G or MG) – IQ 130-145
  • Highly gifted (HG) 145-160
  • Exceptionally gifted (EG) 160-180 (N.B. Some scales and school districts consider this range to be PG)
  • Profoundly gifted (PG) 180+ (using the Stanford-Binet L-M only)

Other acronyms:

2e: Twice-exceptional — gifted + learning disability or other exceptionality

LD: Learning disability

ASD: Autism spectrum disorder (This includes Aspergers, a high-functioning form of autism. Aspergers is being dropped from the fifth revision of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – a controversial decision within the Aspergers community. Individuals with an ASD are often referred to as being “on the spectrum”.)

GT: Gifted and talented

IEP: Individual/ized Education Plan (created and implement to accommodate special learning, behavioural, or emotional needs in the classroom)

SPD: Sensory processing disorder (also referred to as sensory integration disorder)

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