Gifted and Learning Disabled — a Handbook

Students who are 2e — that is, both gifted and learning disabled — present special challenges in the classroom setting and are greatly underserved.

The first program of its kind in Canada addressing the needs of 2e students is at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver, B.C. Designed by Corinne Bees, a now-retired special education teacher, the “GOLD” Program demonstrates that where there is a will within a school or school board, there is a way to meet the needs of Gifted/LD students.

This handbook was written by Corinne Bees and overseen by the Advocacy Group for Gifted/LD in Vancouver (parents, professionals, and alumni of the GOLD program). Parts One and Two of the handbook may be of special use to parents and teachers of 2e students.

If you’re the parent/guardian of a Gifted/LD student, and want your school or school board to create new, innovative programs to address the unique needs of these students, sending your school administration or school board a letter, and including a link to this handbook might be one way to start. Kudos to the Vancouver School Board!

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