Article: The dark side of being the ‘gifted kid’

This article in the Calgary Herald truly underscores the importance of ensuring that our gifted kids are nurtured — both mind and spirit.

Key quotes:

Gifted children might express heightened physical sensitivities to light, touch and textures. Parents of some gifted children have to cut the tags out of their kids’ clothing, for example, or buy specially-designed socks with no seams. More serious, though, are the emotional challenges. Gifted children are more prone to depression, self-harm, overexcitability, and learning deficits.

A gifted student might be so paralyzed by her own perfectionism, say, that she refuses to hand in any assignments.


Most important to the Canadian context:

Congregation, though essential, is not enough for some of these students. They need educators who possess a holistic understanding of giftedness.

In Canada, no specific training is necessary for gifted-education teachers.

In the U.S., teachers of the gifted need to have special certification.

“Here you just have to be alive,” Frank says. Very few teachers possess a gifted-focused master’s degree like Aldred.


And at what price to gifted students in Canada?


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